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Profollica Hair Growth Review – Does it Really Work?

Hairloss is not just you getting balder and getting those annoying spots on your head. It is much more than that, and one can only imagine how it feels after being in the situation.

Hairloss affects you as a person. It affects your selfesteem, because you do no longer recognice the person that looks back from the mirror. It is like a former bodybuilder, who once had a majestic body, now looks in the mirror and sees a version of himself that he is not satisfied with.

Odds are that you came from my Youtube video explaining my experience with Profollica, and if thats you, welcome. If you came through Google, welcome! Instead of explaning my whole lifestory, because, after all, i bet it is quite similar to yours – I will jump straight to the products I used to get some of my hair back.


 What makes it stand out from other products for hair growth?

This hair growth solution will fill the hair follicles with the nutrients they need. It will in addition have the blood circulating more effectively. Other benefits include having it keep the hair safe from damage resulting from the sun. For those with excessively oily scalps and scalps that produce too much sebum, this will be an ideal solution in having them regulated. It will what’s more soothe the dry and inflamed scalps as well.

Hair loss in men that results to baldness is really embarrassing for some. Losing one’s hair can greatly reduce their self-esteem. It has a negative effect on their performance and makes them feel less attractive.

One will need hair growing products that improve the texture and color of their hair too.

Profillica has been recommended by doctors as a better choice compared to taking prescription medication to control the level of DHT. It in addition falls into the category of one of the best hair re growth products as it is able to reverse the effects of the DHT enabling the hair to grow back without causing any known side effects.

“My loss of hair has caused me to loose selfesteem. After I tried Profollica my hair has started to grow back. I am not having a lion’s mane yet, but I am happy that I am not completely bald.”

– James Lee, Marketing Manager

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Causes of hair loss in men

One of the major causes of hair loss in men is genetic. The kind of lifestyle one lives could be contributing to the loss of hair. This is for instance taking too much alcohol or not taking the right nutrients. Low testosterone level is also a major contributing factor to hair loss. This is because it causes the increase in Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a sex hormone in men.

These elevated levels will have the hair become week and thin before it falls out. Profillica comes in to interrupt this process and prevents the DHT from being created in the first place.

It does this using completely natural ingredients that do not cause side effects naturally having the hair grow back the way it was. It does this through a course of action involving three steps. This has made it known as a hair re growth system rather than just a formula.

Some result to having to put on a hairpiece or get rid of the entire hair. None of these solutions can be compared to having your hair grow back.

The hair regrowth system process

Nutritional supplement

Unlike other oral supplements, this one does not stay in the digestive system. The Profillica daily supplements get absorbed very fast. Its ingredients are meant to
regulate how much DHT the body produces. This capsule is meant to keep the hair follicles as well as the growing hair healthy and well nourished. It is rich in minerals, amino acids, extracts from herbs, enzymes among other nutrients.

These vitamins are important as they help protect one from hair loss. It ensures that the hair does not turn grey early and that its elasticity and strength stay top notch. At this hair re growth step, hair breakage and thinning is also eliminated. This loss of hair may also be attributed to an underlying illness or even stress.

With this drug, the loss of hair due to such kind of everyday life factors will be minimized. This is because; the supplements are able to make the body stronger.

Within a month of using this supplement, the levels of DHT will become a bit more normal. By the end of the following month, one will see their hair growing back. For complete benefits, it is important that one uses it continuously for at least two months.

This hair re growth solution for men has become quite popular due to its effectiveness. For this reason, it has surpassed so many other products in terms of performance. The reason behind the quality of the product is the ingredients used.

It has also received numerous positive reviews from numerous satisfied customers making it one of the best hair growth products. Some of its highlighted pros include being affordable, simple to use and the results do not take long to show.

Activator Gel

Also called angen, this stage of the re growth system is meant to fuel the growth of new hair. The now cleaner hair follicles become revived with the help of the activator gel. Trichogen is the main ingredient in the gel and it allows it to advance the rate at which hair grows back. This gel will in addition obstruct DHT from being created.

Simply massage the gel on wet hair. This is of course after using the shampoo. Leave it on without washing it out and it is guaranteed to keep the scalp and the hair protected and healthy. The gels will in addition repair and fortify damaged hair such as dry hair. It will then have the hair softer and glossy due to the PEG-12 Dimethicone contained in it.

It has also received numerous positive reviews from numerous satisfied customers making it one of the best hair growth products. Some of its highlighted pros include being affordable, simple to use and the results do not take long to show.


The shampoo is meant for cleansing. It cleans the scalp and gets rid of the sebum that has accumulated unnecessarily. These extra oils limit the hair follicles from spreading out. Once they are reduced, it results to unblocked hair follicles from which hair can grow out of without any hindrance.

The scalp is no longer clogged by dust, bacteria and other toxins. One of its key ingredients is Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum

The shampoo gives one a fresh and lavish feeling. It in addition keeps the scalp from itching and eliminates such conditions as psoriasis and dandruff.

I have saved over $500 dollars annually just from testing hair growth products that didn’t work – I am not even mentioning the stress factor combined with the expenses. it took me 19 days before I saw a differences at my bald spots and I can see a clear difference 3 months in.
Eric Jensen, Salesmen

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